Kythera, otherwise known as Cerigo, is the island of goddess Urania Aphrodite and god Eros. Located in Southern Greece, between the southern Peloponnese and Crete, it is a mountainous island with valleys leading to the sea and enchanting beaches. The island has an area of approximately 280 square kilometers. The vegetation is rich, especially in the northern and western parts of the island. The climate is Mediterranean, with enough humidity and strong winds especially in winter. In several parts of the island there are springs flowing all year round.

Kythera has a population of three thousand inhabitants, living in the many small villages that are scattered throughout the area. The island is administratively organized into a municipality and along with the community of the neighboring island of Antikythera form the Province of Kythera, which belongs to the Prefecture of Piraeus.

The people of Kythera engage in agriculture, trade and tourism. The main agricultural products are oil and the renowned quality honey. The island has expanded touristically in recent years, attracting the attention of many visitors and tourist enterprises.

Kythera has a rich cultural heritage due to the amount of diverse nations stepping on its land. The island’s monuments bear witness to history. Its architecture carries the influence of the Venetian and Cretan style, as well as that of Mani. The Historical Archive of Kythera, located in the castle of the capital, is the second most important after the one in Corfu, keeping records from the 16th century. Byzantine monuments and British buildings adorn the slopes of each peak of the island. Organized groups of archaeologists bring to light important facts and findings about the island’s glorious past. The myth of Aphrodite is still alive, among humans, the rocks and the sea.

Kythera is an ideal place with enchanting natural beauties and cultural elements that complement each other. Visitors fall in love with the island and easily feel at home. However, the island’s history has just begun!

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