Kytherian thyme honey is among the best in quality worldwide. There are several producers on the island that have honey-making as their main occupation. The main aims of the Beekeepers Association of Kythera are to support the producers, to improve the product, to standardize and increase the production. You can buy honey either from the Association or the producers themselves. Since the production is relatively small, the price ranges at higher levels than the honey distributed on the market.


Olive oil is the main product of the Kytherian farmer. In Kythera you will see big parts of land packed with olive trees, as they flourish due to the good climate. The variety grown on the island is “koroneiki” and there are two agricultural production cooperatives.


People of Cerigo are very proud about their wine. When friends happen to meet, they’ll definitely start a conversation over wine, each praising their own production, making comparisons before finally leaving all joyous and dizzy! The varieties grown in Kythera are petrolanos, roditis, arikaras etc. The wine is usually white or rosé. Every summer there is a wine feast in Mitata.


Kytherians also produce cheese, rusks and traditional sweets. In the island’s markets you can also buy herbs, almonds, several varieties of pears etc.


Organic farming is promoted lately as an alternative in the diet of the contemporary man. Food free from pesticides and fertilizers is perfectly safe and healthy. The Organic Producers Association that has formed recently in Kythera includes 25 members. The products are certified by "DIO" (ΔΗΩ) the Organization of Certification and Control of Organic Products. Organic products have high prices due to their quality and that is one of the reasons producers increasingly turn to organic farming. Organic products can be found at selected points of Kythera.


The land of Kythera is barren and the agricultural production is poor. This may be the main reason that many locals migrated during the 20th century. There was a time however that most areas of the island were cultivated and the population reached 10.000. That is the reason you can still see extents of ground being separated by stonewalls, even though most of the land is now fallow.

Yet, even nowadays there are many dealing with agricultural activities. Actually, the promotion of organic farming and state programs (such as agrotourism) has led young people to engage in agricultural production, as it has become more profitable. Also, the use of new technologies in agriculture secures the production.

There are two rural cooperatives for the production of oil currently active In Kythera, as well as one for the honey producers and another one for organic farming. The farmers’ efforts are supported and boosted by the Development Company of Kythera.

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