Hop on the ship to Antikythera and soon you’ll see the island’s steep shores. As the ship slowly enters the port, people gather in the pier in a festive atmosphere. Locals upload the merchandise and other such wares. “Welcome”!

While wandering around the narrow alleys of Potamos, you can choose to stop for a coffee in one of the island’s two coffee and grocery stores. Ascend the main street and at the junction turn to the direction of Charchaliana, pass the heliport and continue until you find a dirt-road. Follow it all the way up to the end of a steep edge. There you can see an amazing work of nature: Karamela, a cluster of rocks in a scenery dominated by the sea. Do not hesitate to go for a morning swim!

Next direction is the beach of Xeropotamos. Pebbled and hit by north winds it is ideal for a romantic night in the company of the moon. Above Xeropotamos, the archaeological site of Aegila (the island’s ancient name) stands as an eternal guard to the straits of Antikythera.

In the “castle” you can see walls, rooms and paths carved on stone, the quarry and an ancient shed. If excavations are conducted at that time, the archaeological service can show you around.

The final tour is at the southern part of the island. Initially, a visit to Agios Myronas and then a stop at the spring nearby in order to drink water and appreciate the scenery: a beautiful green dell decorated with cedar. From there you can take the path to the lighthouse of Apolitara. First pass the plateau with the remains of an old settlement, the path will lead you to another plateau, called Domata. On the right side, to the west of the island is Karavostasi, a rocky point that forms a small creek. The lighthouse of Apolitara begins to appear, keep walking and soon you’ll be standing in front of it.

It was constructed in 1926 and is about 23m high. The natural beauty of the wild landscape with the sea at the background will be strongly reflected in your memory.

On the way back, once you reach Potamos, go down to the stream and drink water from the spring. It is dark and everyone will be gathered iat the two stores, drinking raki, listening to the Cretan lyre and dancing.