In the beautiful village of Avlemonas at Kythera, you’ll meet the fish tavern of Sotiris. 
Fresh fish and sea foods from the local fishermen, tastily cooked by Anna, with the kindly service will impress you! 
The Lobster Spaghetti and The Fish soup are the Sotiris’ specialities. We serve daily midday – evening. 
Taste our cuisine and the local wine of "Sotiris".

“Astakomakaronada”, Lobster spaghetti

1½ kilo of lobster
1 onion
1 cup of olive oil
Ground pepper
½ kilo of tomatoes
300 grams spaghetti

We wash the lobster and cut it. Tsjgarj'zoyme the onion, we throw the lobster, the tomatoes, salt, pepper and water. We leave it to boil for ten minutes and we add the spaghetti, to boil all together.
We serve the “astakomaaronada” in a large flat dish with fresh ground pepper.
Have a nice meal!