The stone bridge in Katouni is one of the most impressive monuments of Kythera. It was built during the period of British rule and is the largest stone bridge in Greece. Its length reaches 110m, it is 15m long and 6m wide. It is characteristically based on 13 arches and 12 wickets in absolute symmetry! Designed and supervised by Macfale himself, the bridge was completed in 1826 as part of the road connecting the capital with Avlemonas, the biggest British engineering project in Kythera. Due to its exceptional architecture the bridge can hold more weight than originally planned. Legend has it that Macfale, the island's British governor, fell in love with a girl from Katouni village and decided to build the bridge near her house in order to see her daily, while supervising the project. Take a walk; the myth of the beautiful Kytherian girl is still alive!