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Home PageWhat to seeChurchesAgios Andreas (Livadi)

Agios Andreas (Livadi)

Hidden behind the main street of Livadi, lies the church of Agios Andreas. The church –which has undergone extensive maintenance- has a first layer of Byzantine frescoes dating back to the 10th -11thcentury, a second layer from the 13th century and a third post-Byzantine layer from the16th century. In its current form it is cruciform with a dome and a narthex added later. It has possibly gone through five different building stages, the initial construction being a Kytherian type single-room building with a dome from the 10th century. It later changed into a one-aisled cruciform with a dome and subsequent additions were made, such as the iconostasis in the 15th -17th century and the bell tower in the early 20thcentury.

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