A village of legends and traditions. Start your visit with a morning coffee and cake in the square, under the planes. The traditional café, the church, Kamari with the running waters and ducks offer a pleasant and familiar feeling. Wandering around the alleys of the village, you’ll enjoy the architecture. At the end of the village, the Venetian settlement of “Kato Chora” lies deserted but still much alive, giving the impression that it will eventually pop to life. After swimming in the nearby beach of Limionas and visiting the Cave of Agia Sofia, you can return to the village’s central square for lunch. In the afternoon you can go down to the Fonissa falls, a sight that nobody could imagine witnessing in Kythera. The brave ones can continue towards the watermills, with a series of waterfall so enchanting that might lead them to the sea. It is recommended to use mountaineering equipment in order to enjoy this adventure. Don’t miss the sunset in “Kato Chora” and don’t forget to ask the locals about the small monastery of Panaghia Orfani.