Going down the dell of Milopotamos and the “Fonissa” waterfall, situated on the rocks, among the plane trees and the ivy are the 22 watermills. The mills operated by water power from the river that still flows abundant. The water would run in a single trench that passed by all mills. Each watermill consisted of three main areas. The area where the mill was grinding the harvest, the room(s) where the workers would live and sleep and finally the space where they kept the donkeys, their means of transport at the time. The trench’s water was also used by gardeners. The mills were owned by the families working there and they usually had the name of the constructors or of those who first operated them. The hardships of the millers’ and their families’ lives, along with the advent of new grinding tools led to the abandonment of the mills. A little further below you’ll find small and big waterfalls with beautiful lakes to swim if you want to, or otherwise you can continue your walk across the ravine towards Kalami.