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130km around Kythira
8 to 9 hours long
price includes: 1 picknick meal – 1 btl of water – snack – fruit
2 stops for a swim 30 minutes each
3 stops to eat – 30 minutes for lunch, 15’ for a snack break, 15’ for fruit break
guided tour by the driver
Price: 80
Time of departure: 10 am


45km center & east of the island
4 hours long
price includes:breakfast on the mountains – 1 btl of water – snack – mind and body exercises
1 stop for the sunrise – breakfast – workout
1 stop for swimming – snack – visit to the cave of Kamarela (45 minutes)
1 stop at the ancient fossils
guided tour by the driver
Price: 55€
Time of departure: 5pm


60km north west od the island
5 hours long
price includes:
dinner – 1 btl of water – snack – wine
1 stop at sunset for a snack – swim – 1 glass of wine (60 minutes)
1 stop for picknick dinner + wine and star gazing (60 minutes)
guided tour by the driver
Price: 55€
Time of departure : 18.30 pm

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