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Kythira (Chora)

Kythira also known as Chora, as in most Greek islands, it is the island’s capital. Along with Kapsali, Chora makes the most picturesque and striking images on the southern part of the island. To get there, you’ll need to cross the gorge with villages Strapodi and Manitochori. Suddenly, the first houses emerge on the background along with the Venetian castle built in 1503. You’ll see narrow streets with whitewashed houses and -a little closer to the castle- old mansions, Venetian buildings and many more, built under the British rule. In the quiet central square of Chora you’ll find the City hall, banks and other services while the central alleys have plenty of souvenir shops.

Wandering around the streets of Chora and the Castle is really worth it, there are many churches, beautiful gardens and the aesthetics of the buildings’ architecture is of great interest. The Historical Archive of Kythira, located in the castle of Chora, is worth a visit as it keeps texts and documents from the 16th century. Also, a visit to the Archaeological Museum, located at the entrance of Chora, will take the visitor back to the time of the birth of Aphrodite. An early morning coffee on the square of Chora is suggested, just before you start the tour. Once noon, you can go downhill to Kapsali for a swim and lunch.

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