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Home Accommodation in Kythira Τerra Oliva Country Houses

Τerra Oliva Country Houses

Agios Ilias, Κύθηρα
+30 2736034015


Andreas Samios

αριθ.πρωτοκολου ΕΟΤ 2924
+30 2736034015
+30 6976415238

About us

Two words for us ..

It is no coincidence that Kythera is the birthplace of Aphrodite, how not to fall in love with each visitor this magical place with its natural beauty. Kythera is love and love is Kythera.

Rooms for rent Τerra Oliva see our visitor as something more than “a customer”. We will offer you a pleasant and tranquil stay. Our rooms are located in the center of the island and offer direct access to beaches, beautiful Chora, the main village of Kythera, with its magnificent castle and the seaside Kapsali for evening entertainment.

Our apartments have two rooms with all basic amenities, with private courtyards and spacious parking.

From the apartments, you can enjoy the view of green countryside and olive groves around the building.

You will find our rooms very good and reasonably priced.

For those who visit us, we wish you a pleasant stay and be sure that you will leave enchanted and excited by our hospitality and the natural environment that offers our place!






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