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Casa Sistemazione in citera AXION RENTAL ACCOMMODATIONS


Aroniadika, Κύθηρα
+30 6945903707


Dimitris Skevofylax

+30 6945903707

Riguardo a noi

Axion Real Estate offers for renting autonomous stone lodges with full facilities, adjusted to the style and the traditional environment of Aroniadika, a very beautiful settlement. They operate fully all the year around. If you wish, your stay may be combined with agricultural activities in a private farm not far from the settlement.

Axion rentals has 6 separate traditional accommodations which are located in the beautiful narrow carfree streets of Aroniadika (parking possible just around the corner). Each house can accommodate 2 to 4 persons. Because the houses Gligoras, Kamara and Lanos are close to each other they are also very suitable for groups of 6 to 10  persons. The houses Kamarakia 1 and 2 and Fournos or ideal for groups up to  8 persons.

Gligoras: A two storey maisonette which is a separate part of a beautiful traditional village house. The house has a living room, a separate bedroom, bathroom, a courtyard and a roof terrace. It offers sleeping place for 3 persons but with an extra bed it can accommodate a familiy of 2 adults  and 2 children.
Kamara: A beautiful large kamara (traditional arched room). Kamara is one big room of about 35 m2 with a kingsize double bed. On the back of the room there is a small semi-open kitchen and a bathroom.The house suited for a couple with perhaps 1 or 2 small children. Because ‘Lanos’ is situated right next door the two together are an ideal combination for 2 couples.
Lanos: The old wine press room, is a nice kamara of about 30 m2. In the avli (courtyard) has a private terrace. In the living/bedroom there is an open kitchen and a double bed. On the back of the room you will find the bathroom.The house suited for a couple with perhaps 1 small child. Because ‘Kamara’ is situated right next door the two together are an ideal combination for 2 couples.

Kamarakia 1 and 2: are two beautiful recently renovated traditional houses. They can be rented as separate houses but because they are right next to each other and share a big common terrace they are also suited for 2 couples (with 1 or 2 children) or even 3 couples in combination with Fournos, which is right next door. Kamarakia 1 is a large kamara with a living-/bedroom and separate kitchen and bathroom. Kamrakia 2 is a little bit smaller and consists of one room with an open kitchen and a bathroom.

Fournos: The old ovenroom which has been transformed in to a beautiful independent 2 persons accommodation. Also it can be used as a group accommodation for up to 8 persons in combination with Kamarakia 1 and 2.

For more information, pictures and maps of the rooms please visit our website www.axionstudios.gr.




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